Connects Mountain Town Employers and Job Hunters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Connects Mountain Town Employers and Job Hunters
Site touts an extensive array of next-generation workforce tools

September 6, 2017 –  Employers working to fill their seasonal rosters and job hunters looking for their dream life in the mountains now have the most comprehensive job resource in the industry to help simplify their search.

Ski Resort Jobs ( seamlessly connects new and experienced candidates with employers through a slate of innovative features including global Google Mapping, customized department searches, full employer profiles, and free job alerts.

“The goal is to cast a much wider net for both the employer and potential employee,” said founder Gard Skinner, former publisher of Mountain Resort Magazine. “Each mountain resort has its own particular staffing puzzle to solve, and one primary challenge has been the lack of a central clearinghouse for all of those outstanding opportunities that come available. Ski Resort Jobs provides a one-stop solution for both sides of the equation.”

“For job seekers,” Skinner continued, “whether you are a manager moving up or a dedicated skier or rider planning a season in a mountain town, a search generally entails visiting hundreds of sites, mucking through a dozen different application systems, and hoping the opportunities have not expired. Employers have to navigate multiple systems that are expensive, generic, and it’s a punt if their efforts are reaching the right audience. We are here to better connect the two.”

The employer dashboard includes bulk processing of applicants, a simple job submission tool with multiple backlinks to their own site, company profile and recruiting video, online resume listings, and the easiest application system in use today.

“Every thriving industry currently has a robust, centralized recruiting platform designed specifically to attract new talent, and to keep the people and skills it develops. The mountain resort industry deserves no less.”

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