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Daughters of Breckenridge – Celebrate women in skiing

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At Breckenridge, we celebrate our women skiers, and the progression they have brought to the ski industry as a whole. Pretty Faces, the first all-female ski movie production, tasked Breckenridge with creating a video highlighting women on our mountain. We knew we had a story to tell, as some of our most veteran ski patrollers are women, and all happened to be pregnant at the same time two seasons ago!

In “Daughters of Breckenridge,” we meet Tracy, Katie, Jamie and Kay; all members of the Breckenridge ski patrol. These tough-as-nails girls describe what is was like deciding to join the Breckenridge Ski Patrol, what it’s like being a woman in such a position, and how they’ve seen the ski industry progress in their time on the slopes. As stated above, all four of these patrollers had the experience of carrying a child while on patrol, and it just so happened to be at the same time!

Above all else, these patrollers hope to instill the idea that there are no barriers to what women can do, and not to be afraid to take chances, and put yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you have a passion and a dream, no goal in life is unobtainable. These woman hope their message will reach girls of all ages, and hope their stories will push others to never say “they can’t.”

Be sure to check out the incredible all-female ski movie, Pretty Faces.

This February, Breck is celebrating women in skiing with all new women’s ski programs. For more information, please visit

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The American Downhiller: Episode 1 | Ski Racing

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What does it mean to call yourself an American Downhiller? Starting with Bill Johnson’s brash personality and unapologetic style in the mid 80s, Americans have always felt like they’ve had something to prove in Europe where the sport’s biggest names are immortalized by legions of fans and constant media attention – all while being able to escape back to home when things get to be too much.
The brotherhood of today’s American Downhillers pays homage to the spirit of legends like Johnson, Tommy Moe, and Daron Rahlves while also forging a new team identity that prioritizes cooperation and friendship that in recent years has allowed the team to flourish into one of the most formidable squads on the World Cup. Join us this winter as we take an inside look into just what makes the fastest Americans on two skis tick in our new web series: American Downhiller, presented by POC. via

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Snow Science: How Steep is Steep?

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Ever wonder how steep the slope is you’re skiing or riding? There’s a good chance it’s not even close to how steep you think it is. Meteorologist Joel Gratz breaks down why we constantly over estimate the steepness of a slope and why slopes between 30 and 45 degrees are prime to slide.

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Stowemaking: From Water to Winter

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Stowe Mountain Resort receives over 300 inches of natural snow every year, however mother nature’s timing is not always dependable. As long as temps allow, our highly-skilled team of mountain ops, snowmakers and groomers use the latest in technology to turn water into winter and make sure there is always a consistent base.

With $8.1 million in snowmaking improvements over the past 2 years, Stowe is now poised to have its best season ever.

Visit Us at:

Produced by Meathead Films and Ski The East

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Corbet’s Couloir – A day on the Edge

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Huge crashes to big stomps, Corbet’s Couloir is known as the most infamous run in North America. Join our announcers as they interview guests and professional athletes before dropping in, watch the aftermath and see the reactions at the bottom.

With Andrew Whiteford, Pat Kelly and many others.

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Build it. Shred it. Timelapse Park Build – Ski Utah

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Ever wonder what goes into making a terrain park. Watch this timelapse of a park build by Griffin Lopp and the Snowbasin Park Crew as they prepare a venue for the Friday Night Jib Fights.

Photography: Tim Roberts and Alex Romashko (

Music: “Awesome / Rad” by Hang Time

Edit: Tim Roberts

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The World’s Most Dangerous Downhill Ski Race | Streif: One Hell Of a Ride

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►WATCH on Red Bull TV here:
From top to bottom, the Streif presents skiers with one imposing challenge after another. See what it takes to conquer famous downhill race course with a detailed look at every feature of the run.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your “stoke factor” to be at an all time high.

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#ParkCity50 – “A Ski Town is Born”

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In the 1950’s, Park City was crumbling and boarded up, virtually abandoned after the mining boom of the early 20th century had passed. Three mine officers, however, had a bold idea to bring Park City back to life. Thanks to the help of a powerful ally in the White House, Park City began its transformation from ghost town to ski town.

Footage from “Silver & Snow, The Park City Story”
Courtesy of The Park City Historical Society. Special Thanks to Larry Warren.

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Steamboat Ski Resort Patrol Route – Avalanche Blasting – Avy Control for December 2012

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Deep Snow Conditions Exist at Steamboat — Ski & Ride with Care!

The Steamboat Ski Area conducts avalanche control work within the resort boundary throughout the season.

With 6 feet of Champagne Powder® snow this month, Steamboat Patrol is currently conducting avalanche work across the upper mountain with specific focus in the closed areas of Chutes, Christmas Tree Bowl, No Names, North St. Pat’s and North Face. Here’s a brief look at the job patrol undertakes when heading out on an avalanche route.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s avalanche rating on Dec. 19th for the Steamboat Zone is HIGH (L4) on NW-N-NE-E-SE aspects at all elevations. It is CONSIDERABLE (L3) other aspects and elevations. You can find current conditions at CAIC website:

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Thredbo Mountain Operations…The Real MVP’s

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The Thredbo Mountain Operations crew are the real MVP’s in Thredbo…Working tirelessly overnight and early morning to turn our mountain into a magic for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a taste of the views these guys get every morning…#careerchange?

Find out more here:

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Telluride Grooming Team Preps for Opening Day

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This past storm has brought us 26 inches of fluffy white powder, bringing our November snow total to more than 4 ½ feet. Between this and cold nighttime temperatures, our Grooming team has been blessed with plenty of snow to get the mountain in prime condition for Opening Day. They are working day and night to help set us up for a successful season ahead.

See what our groomers go through every day to get the mountain ready for Opening Day.

Book your ski and stay packages at or call 866.446.9046

Video by Brandon Segelke

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An Inside Look at Telluride Snowmaking

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Our snowmaking crew has been working day and night to prepare the mountain for Opening Day. This resort invested an additional $1.3 million in snowmaking improvements this summer to ensure great early season conditions.

In the two weeks leading up to Opening Day, our snowmaking team received a big boost from mother nature. A whopping 53” has fallen on the resort helping to create one of our best Opening Days in recent memory.

Get ready for an incredible ski season!

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