Adventure Ski & Snowboard School

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Adventure Ski & Snowboard School

About Us

Know this Before You Go Skiing & Snowboarding!

  • Our wide endless revolving carpet Snow Sports Simulator offers Southern California skiers and snowboarders a dynamic and effective instruction program that is ideal for all ages and abilities, and disabilities!
  • Our Snow Sports Simulator is a special treadmill made for skiing and snowboarding that provides a warm, dry, controlled learning environment without the distractions of cold, crowded slopes, chairlift lines, or adverse weather conditions.
  • The revolving carpet Snow Sports Simulator is perfect for developing muscle memory efficient habits and skills and improving your physical strength and conditioning.
  • A full-length mirror at the bottom of the slope lets you see while you learn and monitor your improvement.
  • This makes 25 minutes on our Snow Sports Simulator equal a day of continuous skiing and riding on the mountain.
  • We provide all equipment.

Considering the cost of a snow vacation lift tickets, lessons, equipment, transportation, and your valuable free time…
A lesson program on our endless revolving carpet Snow Sports Simulator is a wise investment!!

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